The World's First Wireless VR Vest & VR Gun

Experience how the BluAtomVR Motion Vest controls your movements, just lean or turn in any direction to move! Then pull out your BluAtomVR Gun to lay waste to the opposition with amazing accuracy.
BluAtomVR is a licensed SteamVR™ gun controller.
Time to hang up those little thumb joysticks and experience real motion control in virtual reality!

BluAtom VR Gun

  • Crush the enemy with style.
  • Completely wireless freedom of movement.
  • Unrivaled accuracy.

BluAtomVR Booth At
CES 2017

See a live Demo at the Consumer Electronics Show January 5 - 7, 2017
Please come visit us (Booth 50203) and try the BluAtom VR Vest and VR Gun in the Sands Virtual Reality Exhibition - Eureka Park

At CES 2017, there was a great interest for our new BluAtom VR products. We met with VR experts from the U.S. Military, U.S. Customs, and both national and international law enforcement, who showed great interest and support for our innovations. We are excited to release our wireless VR vest and VR gun, and are on our way to develop the most innovative virtual reality training platform for the U.S. Armed Forces, police and fire departments.


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